Reviews For Week Of August 10th

This video was actually my introduction to Beyond. Two or three songs from it were on this VHS tape I had around 1996 or maybe early 97. I just remember that they sounded so different than other NYHC bands and all the “Beyond! Beyond!”. There was a bootleg of their demo sometime in the spring/summer of 97 and I listened to that tape religously.

Hazel’s Wart
Regretful Dependencies

Fast Shoegaze/Indie Rock that reminds me a lot of The Lilys and Sonic Youth. I am sure this has a big audience, but I do not really like it that much. I think this is worth checking out.

Split 7″
Run For Cover Records

I had never heard Anne before this record, but they are pretty good. I am reminded a lot of a mix between bands like Lush and early My Bloody Valentine, but also some middle of the eighties goth rock too. Neat. Whirr, the artists formerly known as Whirl, are one of the best bands going right now. This Portland band reminds me a lot of Slowdive and more lo-fi shoegazer bands from the golden era of that genre. Have they toured around here yet?


Caged b/w Sick Punk
La Vida Es Un Mus Records

I think I am finally starting to get the hype behind Hoax on this record. I have found their previous records to be “good, not great,” but this is an excellent two song single old early Boston influenced hardcore that reminds me a lot of DYS. Maybe this is just one of those bands where I can only get into them a few songs at a time? That is certainly not to the detriment of the band.



This collects Hoax’s previous material to their newest single. Burly 82 hardcore in the vein of bands like DYS. I like some of these songs individually, but they have not moved me a lot as a whole. If you like this band and missed their seven inches, get this for all of them!