Reviews For The Week of August 22nd

If you haven’t check out the interview Double Cross did with Jules from Side By Side, the final part of the interview has been posted online. Depending on the interviewee, DCXXX can be pretty hit or miss, but this one is really good.


Lost My Way 7″
Reaper Records

Sounding, and looking, like something out of the stuff that post hardcores put out in the late 1990’s, you know, when they “grew up” and discovered beer and Oasis, this is not surprising, but still pretty disappointing. I wish bands that only had half their members and a new sound would just start a new band. I’ll still bust for Struggling to Communicate though.


Talk Is Poison
Rage To Infinity 7″

This is a bit of a disappointment as well. Talk Is Poison were one of my favorite bands of the 1990s. However, while not terrible by any means, this record lacks the ferocity of their early material. Not horrible, but not as good as their early work. Worth checking out.


Battletorn/Double Negative
Split 7″
Volcom Entertainment

Double Negative continue to be one of my favorite bands of the last five years with three raw “early COC meets early COC” style ragers. I wish this band would come to New Jersey! Battletorn are a band I’m not super familiar with, but they sound okay. Three real quick thrashers with a little crust influence. Get this one for Double Negative.


Dusted Angel
Self Titled 7″
Corruption Recordings

See my review of their LP. Members of Bl’ast! doing boring stoner rock. This style is really played out.


Protestant LP Reissue
Gern Blandsten Records

When I began to slowly drift away from the hardcore scene around 1999ish, there were two records that I spun on a consistent basis. Black Flag’s My War album was the soundtrack to almost every morning. Rorschach’s Protestant album became what I listened to at work, at home, and in the car. An incredible mix of Die Kreuzen, Black Flag, King Crimson, and others. Around this time, as women actually started to date me for some reason, I used to play Protestant in the car on dates as a “rorschach test” to see if they could hang. Most couldn’t; seriously, why would I bother dating someone who couldn’t handle this record?