Nausea-Punk Terrorist Anthology Volume One

Punk Terrorist Anthology Volume One CD
Alternative Tentacles Records

Nausea have always been a band I have had mixed feelings about. I first heard them on The Way It Is and was blown away by their track Fallout Of Our Being. At the time, I was going to a friend’s house almost every weekend to dub his older brother’s vinyl. One Friday afternoon at school I gave him a tape to dub me the Rites of Spring EP, The Year In Seven Inches, and Nausea’s Extinction LP. When I got home I quickly listened through the first side; I’d already heard those records, I just wanted my own copy. I really wanted to hear Extinction! I was so bummed when I finally did. The LP was nowhere near as great as Fallout Of Our Being. Bummer. That track isn’t here, easily found on The Way It Is, but the Extinction LP is here (which does have a not too great version of Fallout…) plus some other stuff. If you like Nausea a lot pick this up.