Mouthpiece-Can’t Kill What’s Inside

Can’t Kill What’s Inside Discography CD
Revelation Records

What more can really be said about Mouthpiece at this point? I’m sure you know their story and how influential they were on 1990’s straight edge hardcore that didn’t sound like Pantera or some emo bullshit. This CD has everything I could ever think to include and more in reverse order, from their final recording on the Antimatter Fanzine compilation all the way back to very early live tracks that never made it to the studio.

Most of Mouthpiece’s records have held up at least moderately well. Some parts of Face Tomorrow remind me too much of Dag Nasty or Chain of Strength, but With This Regret is pretty awesome. In high school, a jock once commented about my Face Tomorrow era shirt (with a band pic on the back) that “those guys look gayer than you.” So says the dude who plays the sports where they slap each other on the butt. What Was Said was definitely the high point for the band, with a heavy influence from Judge. The very pointed lyrical content has always moved me (especially Nothing There…see this month’s podcast for the story) and the record sounds fresh with a bit of a remix. The first seven inch has a few not as good songs (Can We Win especially), but Frame is a monster, a furious, pissed off, straight edge song. I’ve always loved the lyrical picture of “a mold, a frame…” Various compilation tracks top this discography off. This is essential for fans of straight edge hardcore and a highlight especially for those of us who grew up in New Jersey.