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Full Speed Ahead

Full Speed Ahead was the band that Manahawkin really adapted as our own. We first saw them in the early summer of 1997. They opened a show for Spazz along with Hail Mary, Black Army Jacket, and some others. We wanted to check out FSA because they were listed as being “ex members of Human Remains.” Expecting something pretty metallic, we got straight forward, 1982 style, hardcore years ahead of the turn away from 1988 style youth crew hardcore. I remember a few of us bumming out a lot of the emos in the crowd by moshing hard during their…
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Signifying Nothing Top 100 Of The Nineties

Four years late, here is the final list.  One thing I’ve noticed as I put this together is that there is a great lack of compilations on this list.  A lot of the decent compilations in the nineties have great songs, but also terrible ones.  I still feel like I am missing something obvious… 1.6 Band, Self Titled LP, USA, 1992 Acme, Self Titled 7″, Belgium, 1994 All Chrome, Flounders Flyers College & Canada LP, USA, 1999 Arms Reach, Self Titled 7″, Australia, 1998 Assuck, State To State 7″, USA, 1993 Aus-Rotten, Fuck Nazi Sympathy, USA, 1994 Bastard, Wind Of…
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