Wait In Vain-Demo 2005

Wait In Vain
Demo 2005

This is a new band for members of Champion and Trial that does not deviate too far from those bands. Energetic, slightly metallic, hardcore with way too much chugga chug and scratchy New Age Records, circa 1994, style vocals. The stop and go parts remind me of, of all bands, Sparkmarker. If you like Trial or Champion you will like this probably. I will pass on this one. This is the kind of stuff I thought bands like Devoid Of Faith and Floorpunch pushed to the side when they came along.

The promo sheet that comes with this is hilarious: among the ridiculous statements made on it include a note about selling one thousand demos “in a market that usually supports 1/10th of that.” How are they doing in the males 18-49 demograph? Do soccer moms 35-50 enjoy it? I love the proclamation that Wait In Vain are “a return of hardcore that feels dangerous and potentially lethal to the status quo.” Yeah, sure it is. I can just hear the status quo trembling in fear. Maybe you will poll better with the “tween” market. My favorite though is the comparisons to Burn and the Cro-Mags. Uh, no, not even close. 10/10 bands that are said to sound like either of those bands don’t.