Signifying Nothing 2-27-12

Supertouch-Struggling To Communicate (Live On WNYU)
Krakdown-Idle Hands (Demo)
Pressure Release-Not In The Head (Prison Of My Hope)

Innumerable Forms-Life Beyond Life (Self Titled)
Absolution-Dead & Gone (Murders Among Us)
Bl’ast!-Look Into Myself (It’s In My Blood)

Integrity-Darkness (Those Who Fear Tomorrow)
Crossed Out-He Man (Self Titled)
Ripping Corpse-Anti God (Dreaming With The Dead)

Youth Brigade-It’s About Time We Had A Change (Possible)
Crass-Systematic Death (Penis Envy)
Partisans-Police Story (Police Story)

The Birthday Party-Jennifer’s Veil (Mutiny & The Bad Seed)
Laughing Hyenas-Walk (Crawl)
One Last Wish-Three Unkind Silences (1986)

Mind Eraser-Brought Back To Life (Generations)
Carcass Limb From Limb (Demo)
Sick Fucking O-Gut Feeling (Demo)

Miles Davis live in Switzerland 10-22-71
What I Say