Floorpunch @ Manville 8-3-97

Destroy Babylon recently posted this video of Floorpunch playing at Manville 8-3-97. You can see me all over this! I don’t remember a ton from this show…Vision also played (really early for some reason…I think they had to leave???) and maybe The Purpose. Someone on the Livewire Board said Fastbreak too but I don’t think they did…they played Manville the next weekend with Hands Tied, In My Eyes, and some others and then the next year with Fit For Abuse (!).

A lot of familiar faces in the crowd. I can see Chris Oliver, Mickey, Matt Molnar, Matt Smith, Joe Oz and tons of others. John Piorkowski pops up at one point so I suppose I went to this show with him.

I definitely go off in this video. I had not seen Floorpunch in months so I was psyched. It’s great how I go flying back to the front at the beginning of It’s The Limit when I realize what song they are covering. There was a scuffle between Little Dave and the drummer of 25 Ta Life at the end of that song. 25 Ta Life headlined, but I remember a mass rush for the exits before they played.