Bold-The Search: 1985-1989

The Search: 1985-1989
Revelation Records

I am sure you know Bold’s material by now. I have never been very impressed with Bold; although, strangely, I have amassed quite the live show collection of them. This CD combines all of their material-the highly overrated Speak Out, the decent Looking Back, plus some compilation songs and the famed Crippled Youth ep. My biggest problem with Bold is all of the filler. For every Clear and Wise Up there are another ten songs of fourth rate youth crew hardcore. On Looking Back, for every Speak Out there is a Hateful. But you take the good with the bad I suppose. Wise Up is still one of the best tracks to ever open a compilation though. The Crippled Youth ep is pretty cool even if it is a bit of the corny side. If you are a fan, this is essential. This is a very complete and well done discography. If you’re like me and you’re not really a fan, you might skip this one and hold onto your old records.