Kill Your Idols-Full Speed Ahead-Life’s Halt-No Reply @ New Brunswick NJ 7-12-00

A few different narrative lines going on at this show. The first one is the Life’s Halt/No Reply tour coming to New Jersey. These bands were red hot during that summer and a lot of people wanted to see them. I wasn’t a HUGE fan of either band, but I remember them being good at this show. This was Full Speed Ahead’s final show. They got a really wild reaction for their brief set. I wish there was a video of it because they got a nice send off. Their set was short because, apparently, Kill Your Idols would not cut their set a bit for them to play longer. I have no idea if that was actually true, but some people were really angry about it. There was a lot of grumbling outside the venue afterwards. Full Speed Ahead never really got their due outside the shore unfortunately and it bummed us out a lot. They really need a good discography of all their records and demos. I loved how this had four great bands and nothing else. More shows need to cut out the filler and bullshit.