Murphy’s Law @ Stone Pony In Asbury Park NJ January 2001

This was the first show I went to after I transferred to Stockton. I remember I hung out with Brett, TDT, Zusi, Jesse, and Clevo for most of the night. A bunch of bands played this show, but I do not remember much about any of them. A few weird things happened at this show.

First, I had two, um, interesting experiences with former classmates. I ran into my former lab partner, who I had become pretty tight with, and her boyfriend. He liked Murphy’s Law, I guess, and I was surprise to see her. I miss hanging out with back then. I also ran into a young lady I had a few classes with, who slipped me her number. We had dinner a few times, but not much came of it. This was the  beginning of some random experiences like that.

Murphy’s Law are always so hit or miss. This show was a huge miss. They played a lot of new songs and shitty ska/dub stuff. I ended up getting thrown out after John dove and got pounded on by a bouncer. I ran over and this HUGE dude picked me up and threw me out. Turned out a bunch of others, including Chris, Ariel, and Servon also got tossed. The owner came out and we got into it with him, before throwing snowballs at him and the building. The Stone Pony is such a shithole and it is awesome he sided with some WWE sized bouncer over a couple of 150lbs straight edge kids. And fuck bands like Murphy’s Law who play dumps like this. There has to be somewhere better. No excuses.