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Reviews For The Week Of July 25th

Mind Eraser at some Scion sponsored gig. I giggled at how DFJ bums out the bouncers. Blessed Offal Self Titled Tape Death metal coming highly recommended by friends who dig this stuff. While a few songs go on forever, Blessed Offal keeps them interesting with enough changes of pace to not lose me. This is pretty good. United Youth Demo Decent 88 style hardcore that goes by in the blink of an eye. I see a lot of potential for an ep. Keep going. Vaccine Crimes In Blood 5″ Painkiller Records I am glad this is a 5″ because there…
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Reviews For The Week of July 18th

Talk Is Poison…one of the best bands of the past 15 years… State of Alert No Policy Bootleg LP This is a pretty complete bootleg LP with all of State of Alert’s recorded material. The No Policy 7” on Dischord, the tracks from Flex Your Head, two demos, and a live set. I’ve heard all of this before, but completeists will dig having all of this in one place. Why hasn’t Dischord done a discography for them already?   Various Artists Brutal Supremacy Compilation Double 7″ Painkiller Records The long awaited debut compilation from Painkiller Records does not let down. Mind Eraser and Scapegoat continue to plow through their…
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Floorpunch-New Jersey

Floorpunch New Jersey LP Six Feet Under Records I mean, what more do you want me to say about Floorpunch? Everything is here, the demo, the seven inch, all three compilation tracks, the LP, and the famed, unreleased, possibly thought lost, Straight Ahead cover. The only thing missing from this is the unreleased instrumental on the demo tape of the LP. There was talk of that tape (which is a magnificent, gnarly, recording of the LP which is probably the best recording of Floorpunch) being issued on LP, but, apparently, the master tape is currently MIA. I ripped a nice…
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