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Newz U Can Uze

Holy crap, a lot of Newz U Can Uze After a couple years of work, Bridge Nine Records is going to be putting out the Schism Fanzine book. I have not had originals of the Schism issues in a couple years, so I am excited to check it out again. In sort of Schism related news, Ronny Little has a new interview with Alex Brown up about Schism’s precursor Loveseat. Porcell is now playing guitar for Bold yet again. I am not really a fan, but good luck to those guys. I am looking forward to the Generations compilation on…
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Youth Of Today

I included this interview on the backside of Not Normal Fanzine. I cannot remember what about this one particularly stuck out for me to have reprinted it, but here it is. At the time, Not Normal was going to have a reprint (some of which will end up on here, including Rorschach, Bl’ast!, Raw Power, and more) but a 2nd issue never came out… *** Bessie Oakley did this interview with Ray and Porcell for Maximum Rock + Roll Wake up and live, breath every breath Wake up and live, until my death… “’Wake Up and Live’ is about living…
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