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Hard Skin/Fucked Up Split 7″

Hard Skin/Fucked Up Split 7″ I used to tape trade with someone in Fucked Up, so I have tried to follow them over the years. Honestly, I just lost interest pretty early in their career. They are one of those bands emos and ex-hardcorers always rant about being so AMAZING and THE ONLY BAND I CAN LIKE. Yawn. Obviously, not the band’s fault, but still so stupid. Hard Skin are some sort of joke skinhead band. Whatever. Two covers on their side, including a decent version of New Age. I’d rather just listen to Blitz.

Life’s A Rape Fanzine

Life’s A Rape Fanzine #1 & #2 If you’re scratching your head about the name, so was I until I realized it from an M.D.C. song. Life’s A Rape is a promising new fanzine from the San Diego area. A lot of the things that make a great fanzine are here: cut and paste, DIY styled layouts, a lot of photos, and interesting writing. Between the two issues there are interviews with Hatred Surge, Life Crisis, Fucked Up, Hard Skin and (ugh) P. C. Death Squad. There are also some cool Cleveland hardcore stories and a reprint of an old…
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