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Ensign-Grade @ New Brunswick NJ 2000 (?)

This show was either in 1999 or 2000, but it is a little fuzzy in my head. I do know that it was on a week night and I needed to leave as easly as possible for a morning class (which could mean 2000 because I had an art history class at 8am with Carson, a few bros, and a bunch of pretty prepped out young ladies who hung out with us (!?) instead of the bros. Wah? I am still confused about tthat one for sure). Ensign were….Ensign at this show. I remember Chris Oliver sang Lou Kollar’s part…
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Parade Brigade #3 The Reviews

Issue three would be the end of Parade Brigade Fanzine and, as promised in issue two, we mostly only reviewed records that were sent to us. Boy were some of these records awful! John and I handle most of the reviews with only the Carry On and Esteem records getting both of us. Issue four would have had a Carry On interview that I think John actually did…? Our friend Ryan, who did a lot of grunt work with me getting this issue thrown together as quickly as it was, jumped in to do a few reviews as well. 200…
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