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Ensign-Floorpunch-Saves The Day-Rain On The Parade-Fastbreak-Follow Through-Kill Your Idols @ New Providence American Legion Hall New Providence NJ 11-14-97

This was the record release for Ensign’s first album. There was a major snow storm and some sleet in the area for this show. Of course, Justin and I forged ahead, almost got in an accident, and still managed to basically get to the show first besides a few random people. A few of these random people approached us while we sat on the back of my car. They looked kind of redneckish and said they loved Ensign, but also a bunch of tough guy bands. The one then called someone a fag and said that the bands they liked…
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Underdog-Wide Awake-Vision-Up Front-Fast Times at Middlesex County College in Edison, NJ November 1998

Wide Awake played without their singer. Craig from Follow Through/Fear Tomorrow/etc did vocals. I remember they had some new songs that were more of a later Dischord Records style sound. I think there is a demo too? I was never a big Wide Awake fan. Everything after the intro quickly has diminishing results. Underdog were fine at this show, but you could start to tell some people in the band might not be as into the reunion thing as others. I remember a lot of diving at this show to the point where people were sitting down to be launched…
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