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RIP Pig Champion

The recent death of Poison Idea guitarist Pig Champion has hit me pretty hard. Poison Idea were playing hi-speed, brutal hardcore years before a lot of other bands caught on. Their demo, Darby Crash Rides Again, is at least a few years ahead of the curve. Pick Your King, their debut ep, is arguably the best hardcore record ever made. I can’t think of a way to dispute that. As they went on they continued to put out solid record after solid, even experimenting a little bit with melody and heaviness. They peaked with the early nineties LP Feel The…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Two

Playlist Leeway-Unexpected Bad Brains-The Regulator Get Real-Welcome To My World Cockney Rejects-Fighting In The Streets Black Flag-Account For What? Void-War Hero Agnostic Front-Hiding Inside Beyond-Instrumental Fu Manchu-Laserbl’ast! Burn-Godhead Husker Du-Makes No Sense At All Flipper-Sex Bomb Sheer Terror-Ashes, Ashes Crossed Out-Practiced Hatred Lion Of Judah-Trapped Devoid Of Faith-Tear It Up Bikini Kill-Strawberry Julius The Clitboys-Gay’s OK Fu Manchu-Nothing Done